Request Additional Service (Current Customers Only)

This feature is for current customers only.  We understand there are times where you need to look your extra best, like when you have VIP guests visiting or a special event, and others where you just may need additional clean up from a pipe bursting or sanitized from a flu outbreak.  While you are always welcome to call, email or flag down one of our service specialists, with everything going on in your busy day, PEMC has made it even easier for our customers by offering you a simple solution to also have the option to request to schedule your additional service online!

To request to schedule an additional service, please complete the form below and your site supervisor or one of our service managers will contact you with confirmation and make sure all of your service needs are met.

NOTE:  Certain services (e.g. carpet, hard floor stripping and waxing, etc.) require more time to perform and/or dry and are subject to crew availability.  While we will do our best to accommodate your request in a timely manner, in order to ensure quality and the ultimate clean experience, we would appreciate at least 48 hours (2 business days) advance notice for all other non-general janitorial service requests.

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Physical Address
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NOTE:  Pricing/rates for additional services upon request are based on the terms and conditions of your service contract.  A quote may also be provided upon request.