Our Mission

Delivering Excellence & Quality Service

PEMC is dedicated to the long-term relationships and superior satisfaction of our customers and strongly believes that to achieve this begins with PEMC's investment and obligation to the welfare and personal development of our employees; as their work ethics and commitment is a direct reflection of our company.

Through various initiatives and programs, PEMC has developed the magic formula that provides our staff with a career (not just a job!).  We offer our employees incentives and continual opportunities for growth, and encourage and rely on our employees' knowledge and expertise, allowing us to perpetually evolve and modify our processes as well as explore new and more cost effective methods.  This in turn creates a cycle of mutually beneficial commitment and in keeping our employees happy - means retaining loyal, high performing and specialized employees; an advantageous benefit that carries over to our customers!

The core values of PEMC's business strategy and service model focuses around:

  1. Quality Service & Attention to Details:  With over 98 years of combined management and specialty experience, our managers and supervisors easily recognize and know how to spot potential problems, evaluate the situation and quickly resolve concerns.  Our staff is punctual and trained to work methodically and meticulously, thereby enabling tasks to be completed promptly and with the utmost care.  To further ensure the quality of services provided, each team's assigned site supervisor is equipped with the facility's task checklist, employee performance evaluation sheets to assess quarterly and randomly, in addition to performing regular spot inspections which is in turn reviewed with PEMC management.
  2. Looking Out for #1 (Our Customers):  The open communication and support system creates a family-like culture at PEMC and is inherently extended to our customers.  Employees of PEMC are devoted to consistently demonstrating an exceptional standard of workmanship - meaning they familiarize themselves with each customer and facility to increase efficiency; and therefore trained to be very conscientious of their environment, exercising the ultimate consideration regarding security as well as to help save/cut back on costs to the customers, whenever possible, and proactively notify the customers and our management of any suspicious or hazardous incidences and situations.
  3. Superior Cleaning Systems:  PEMC regularly checks in and meets with our customer's facility manager (or foreman) to review the supplies, inventory and discuss service needs.  We utilize state-of-the-art cleaning processes and equipment and all of our staff are highly experienced to accommodate and satisfy any request or situation that arises.  As an added value, PEMC also independently monitors and inventories supplies at month end to determine if any surplus exists or adjustments need to be made regarding each of our customer's and their facility's needs.
  4. Services Done Right:  PEMC emphasizes the use of multi-level checks and balances to prevent service gaps, our employees' extensive training and essential comprehension of expectations and corporate policy, along with close supervision results in quality assurance and consistent ethical practices.
  5. Cost Reduction Initiatives:  PEMC cares and strives for absolute customer satisfaction, which efforts include training our employees to be conscientious and sensitive to cost saving and green alternative solutions whenever applicable.  We exercise a personal responsibility to help our customers is evidenced in our habitual actions.