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First impressions are key for every type of business and play a vital role for both staff, clients, and potential clients in how they portray what you say about your business.  So how can you make sure you are putting your best foot forward?  By letting us help keep your facility clean and looking professional so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.

Whether you have a small office or a multi-level facility, we will work with you to create a customized program to achieve your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly cleaning needs.

Our janitorial services include (but are not limited to):

  • Cleaning of entrances and lobbies
  • Office system cleaning
    • Clean phones, keyboards and workstation surfaces.  Also ensuring all elevator buttons, water fountains and other public areas are cleaned and sanitized.
  • General dusting and window washing
    • Dusting and wiping down bookshelves, desks and other furniture (including pictures/wall hangings and plants).
  • Daily vacuuming and carpet care
    • Vacuum carpets and spot clean stains*.
  • Hard floor surface maintenance and cleaning
    • Sweep, mop and shine hard floors*.
  • Waste and recycling removal
    • Remove trash and empty recycling bins from workstations and other general areas.
  • Kitchen and break room cleaning
    • Empty garbage cans and recycle bins.
    • Vacuum carpets and/or clean hard floor surfaces.
    • Wipe down and disinfect sinks counter tops and table tops.
    • Wipe down front of refrigerators and cabinets.
    • Additional cleaning as specified by customer is also available.
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitation
    • Scrubbing and sanitizing toilets and urinals stalls.
    • Cleaning faucets, sinks and counter tops.
    • Sweeping and mopping floors*.
    • Refilling all soaps and paper products.
    • Removing trash.

* Deep cleaning (e.g. Bonnet shampoo or steam extraction shampoo) and/or floor stripping and waxing can be performed on scheduled dates or as directed by customer.