Carpet Cleaning

As your carpets get a lot of traffic throughout the day, keeping them presentable can be a tough job.  However, we have faced almost every stain and spill imaginable and our experienced and trained employees have all the right equipment and cleaning solutions to keep them looking and feeling clean and fresh.

Depending on your facility, some carpeted areas such as main hallways get a higher volume of traffic and need more regular cleaning than others, such as individual offices, which may only need shampooing once a year.  We offer several carpet cleaning programs and will discuss with you the right combination of programs for the service level and frequency that is customized and flexible to meet your needs.  In addition to regular vacuuming and spot cleaning, PEMC offers the following tested and guaranteed methods of carpet care for a more deep clean:

Dry Foam Shampoo

This method of shampoo uses detergents that produces a dense foam and is dispensed by a dry foam machine to loosen the soil.  The suspended soil and the foam are then extracted by the same machine or with a wet vacuum.

Dry Foam Shampoo is also popular and very safe for upholstery when a chemical designed for upholstery is chosen.  While Dry Foam Shampoo is not as effective in removing as much dirt as the Extraction method, it does not take as long to dry (and is the quickest method of the three).

Bonnet Cleaning

A cleaning solution is applied to the carpet as a mist or spray, then a round buffer or "bonnet" scrubs the mixture with rotating motion.  The Bonnet method may not be as capable of sanitizing carpet fibers as the Steam Extraction Shampoo method, due to the lack of hot water, but attracts surface dirt and is a great quick option for interim cleanings for high traffic areas as it has the quickest drying time.

Steam Extraction Shampoo (or HWE)

The Hot Water Extraction (HWE) is also commonly known as Steam Extraction, although no actual steam is involved in the HWE process.  This is the best method of carpet cleaning as it is the most effective in flushing out the dirt and soil embedded in the carpet, however it takes longer (up to 24 hours) to dry as the carpet must be completely dry before allowing any traffic on it otherwise it will reabsorb any contact soil.

How Does it Work?  The soiled surface is first preconditioned with an alkaline agent, followed by light agitation with a grooming brush and appropriate dwell time.  Next, the surface is passed over several times with a cleaning tool to thoroughly rinse out the preconditioner and, using an acetic acid solution, lower the pH of the fibers to a neutral state.  Finally, the surface is dried sufficiently to avoid any possibility of saturation.